Abo​ut Us

We are CMC AUDIO, 

We  make pedals in Liège, Belgium 

Our journey started in 2020, after 15 years of making pedals for personal use. Christophe, our founder, studied electronics engineering to design effects. As a bass player, he was dissatisfied with the existing options and decided to make his own.

After trying a couple of classical DIY offerings, he fell in love with the CMOS inverter chips found in a couple of obscure overdrive and fuzz pedals. Their great touch sensitivity, flat frequency response and slightly fuzzy character resonated with the sounds in his head. This circuit is the core of the PROTO TYPE (yes, it's a silly name).

Our main design goal was to make pedals that fit any bass rig, and any playing style, be very dynamic, transparent yet have their own personality. We also wanted to have fun: offer different colors and graphics over time, and even custom graphics for friends!

It took us approximately 2 years of trial and error to reach the initial version of the PROTO TYPE, this pedal made it to the boards of bands like Turnstile, Coheed & Cambria, Ramkot, and Rhea.

Two years later, we are thrilled to present the V2 PROTO TYPE, refined with feedback from our artists and sound engineers. We can't wait for you to experience them!

How we make them

Custom Enclosure

stainless steel. 

Made in The Netherlands.


Low Noise

High Headroom

Careful component selection to keep noise to a minimum

Internal voltage doubler for higher headroom

PCBs assembled in Liège, Belgium.


stainless steel Enclosure
UV printed Logo 
Printed in Belgium

Custom logo? Contact us!